Sakura Koi WaterBrush


I bought a Koi WaterBrush because it’s so compact but it’s now my favourite. With some water brushes I can squeeze and squeeze the barrel and not get a drop out, then I squeeze again and get too much. The Koi gets it about right for me.

“I really liked the Koi brush, too.” writes Julana, “My only issue with it was that it didn’t hold a lot of water. I guess you could carry a few at a time.”

I agree, because I’m surprised how soon I get down to having just a few drops left. Luckily, it’s not a difficult process to refill, once you get used to the fact that you turn the barrel right (anti-clockwise) to unscrew it.

I’ve worn the point off my first brush and the current one (top)  is starting to get worn down, so I’ve just bought a third.Sakura recommend that you clean out the brush after every use and suggest that if you’re leaving it unused, you should empty it. This could be why I have trouble with the valves of my less-used water brushes; I always leave them full.

They also stress that you should never lose the black stopper for the barrel, but I’m not sure why this should be so vital, once you’ve assembled the water brush. Perhaps if you were aiming for the ultimate in a compact watercolour set, you could keep the barrel separate but ready-filled with water. You’d fit it into a box that was just three inches long.

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