Waterton’s Workshop

Today I’m doing a little research for a set design for my Waterton comic. John Whitaker, a curator at Wakefield Museum (and the author of the comic) has referred me to a description of Waterton’s work-room, written by Norman Moore in his introduction to Waterton’s Natural History Essays (p. 127); On the top floor of the house, in the opposite […]

Sheffield Blitz, 1940

Two pages from my ‘Exercise Book Encyclopaedia’, drawn in January or February, 1965, when I was aged thirteen. From my mum’s account I’m describing the bombing raid in which the family portrait Boy with a Hoop was damaged. I can see the influence of the magazine ‘Look & Learn’ which I read as a schoolboy. I very rarely read […]

Beatson; Girl with a Book

My mum, Gladys Joan Swift (as she was then), looks about six in this portrait, so it must have been painted around 1924. It was painted in Sheffield by Charles Beatson (1864 – 1949). He painted historical subjects including a Portrait of a Cavalier. In those subjects, I can see the influence by of Dutch painters and […]