Party Time, 1968

This gouache-on-paper painting dates from my time at Batley School of Art, 1967-1969, and I’m guessing that this was Christmas 1968. I remember my Dad grumbling that although people had been invited for seven, they had yet to turn up as it approached eight. “They’ll be watching The Val Doonican Show!” I was frustrated at my ineptitude when […]


You’ll find the starfish rosettes of greasy-looking yellow-green leaves of butterwort, just an inch or two across, dotted around on boggy ground. Common Butterwort, Pinguicula vulgaris, is a small carnivorous plant which traps insects on the sticky surfaces of its yellow-green leaves. The in-rolled margins gradually curl around to digest the prey. It’s a member […]

Down-looker Snipe-fly

This Down-looker Snipe-fly, Rhagio scolopacea, was keeping watch from a fence-post at the edge of the parkland alongside Top Park Wood, Nostell, in May last year. It habitually rests facing downwards and it will dart off on short flights, like a snipe. This was probably a male defending a territory as it waited for a female […]