Ten Minute Goose

The Thornes Park Canada geese are used to passing dogs but still a bit wary of them, timing their morning traipse from the duck pond to the adjacent football field until there’s a break between dog-walkers. ‘Come away!’ says one dog-walker, ‘not everybody likes dogs!’ Well, you’d have to be very anti-dog not to like […]


Here are a few recent sketches from my urban sketchbook (the Wainwright one that I’m keen to get to the end of). Two men were sitting with A3 sketchbooks in Café Costa, not drawing the passing scene but in an animated discussion of a storyboard for a film. I’d have loved to have eavesdropped on the process […]

Saturday Morning at Salts

Even on a fifteen minute journey on the 232, if I’ve got the enthusiasm, I’ve got the time to make a sketch and even add the colour. I’ve been reading a few books on urban sketching recently which are encourage you to try sketching even in the least promising situations, such as here on the bus, […]