Sleeping Beauty Castle

I’ve visited Château d’Ussé in the Loire, the château that inspired Perrault to write The Sleeping Beauty, but for our pantomime version Wendy the producer wants something nearer to the Disney Castle. We haven’t got the headroom for anything so lofty so for my backdrop I’ve gone for an impressive entrance with a suggestion of a hexagonal shaped castle […]

First Snow

Snow settled yesterday evening, the first covering that we’ve had during a mild, wet winter. It brought more than the usual one or two siskins to the feeder this morning: six or more. Snow is a strange thing to draw. In fact you hardly draw it at all, it’s mainly the white spaces that are […]

Sage Advice

Nostell Priory Lake: A pair of mallards makes careful progress over an expanse of ice between two areas of open water. After a minute or so the female decides that it will be quicker to fly. Focus on Teapots We spot our friend Roger in the cafe, so naturally the conversation comes around to photography. Focussing […]

Drawn to the Dales

  ‘It would be a pity if he disappeared to Yorkshire & just wrote for the Dalesman’ That was the typically wry comment of my professor, Brian Robb, head of illustration, as he looked through my folio at the Royal College of Art in March 1975. So, with apologies to Brian, you can probably guess what I’ve been […]