It’s so hot today that I’ve gone into shorts for the first time so this is a good opportunity to switch from drawing hands to feet. My feet aren’t as weather-beaten as my hands but when it comes to watercolour I still go mainly for yellow ochre and dashes of permanent rose with neutral tint, burnt […]

Soap Opera

Edward Thornhill Simpson doesn’t pop up in a puff of smoke through a trap door under a green spotlight like a pantomime villain but, for the purposes of my Waterton comic, he comes as close to that as I can manage within the historical context. I keep thinking of the Dollars Trilogy as I stage […]

Giant Hogweed

A pair of mallards negotiate the rapids below the old weir at Horbury Bridge. The shady south bank of the river resembles a jungle with reed canary grass, giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed and sycamore forming a green screen in front of the embankment wall. The giant hogweed is starting to come into flower. This introduced […]