Walton Soap Works

At last, I’m getting started on the final artwork for the Charles Waterton comic strip project. I’m starting with the confrontation between Waterton and Mr Simpson the soap manufacturer, whose factory in Walton village has polluted air and stream and killed trees in the Waterton’s park. Did the soap works look anything like the scene I […]


At least a dozen swallows fly low over the pastures alongside the Balk, some of them nesting in the stables. There’s a double yellow line of stonecrop in flower on a sunny, south-facing stretch of the concrete canal bank, one line along the top of the bank, the other on the lower ledge. The green roof of […]

Mr Darwin Welcome

‘Mr Darwin Welcome. Delighted you have come to Yorkshire’ is the opening caption, spoken by Charles Waterton from the top branches of an elm tree to Darwin, then in his mid-thirties, midway between the voyage of The Beagle and the publication of The Origin of Species. It’s a complex double-page spread but you’ve got to start somewhere so this […]