Ash Trees

Today’s snow showers have been punctuated by brighter intervals but it doesn’t seem worth going out and clearing the driveway as the thin slushy layer that has accumulated here is likely to melt away in rain showers and warmer temperatures tomorrow. I hope that the forecast is right and that it won’t freeze solid and need […]


After a busy day it’s relaxing to sit down, listen to a few episodes of Plants; from Roots to Riches, and draw just for fun. I have a habit of clearing my desk prior to starting any project. Sometimes it makes a change to enjoy the accumulated clutter. Of all the vintage pen nibs that I […]

Left Leg

Waiting around, I decided on a change from drawing my hand, or just my foot. Why not draw the leg that I’m resting my sketchbook on. For the second drawing I wanted to switch to my right leg crossed over but I discovered that I can’t cross my legs that way. I’m a left-handed leg-crosser. […]

The Royalty Pen

Shapely and bronzed, this steel nib manufactured by I.D.Belcher & Co. of Birmingham is the kind of nib that Bob Cratchit might have used if he’d still been working for Scrooge in the late Victorian era. It’s scratchy enough to offer a hint of  feedback from the surface of the paper and to give a sharp etched-looking line but even with that […]

The Telephone Pen

John Heath’s Telephone Pen, manufactured in Birmingham about a century ago, has a turned up point which gives it a smoother action than the Perry nib that I was using the other day. As I had filmed myself adding watercolour, this YouTube video ran to a couple of minutes so, as a commentary would have been superfluous […]