iPad Landscape

I’ve taken my iPad Pro on location for the first time and drawn this view over the Calder Valley around Mirfield from the shelter of Charlotte’s Ice Cream Parlour, Whitley. As usual, I used an Apple Pencil and the iPad version of Clip Studio Paint. I started with the Transparent Watercolour brush then used the Uneven Layering Brush for the wet-on-wet blotches […]


12 noon: When we arrive at Charlotte’s Ice Cream Parlour, Whitley Lower, there’s a clear view across Mirfield and the Calder Valley to the hills beyond, with patches of sunlight scudding gently across the landscape. On the highest ground in the distance, there’s a white brilliance, which appears to be a powdering of snow. A buzzard circles over […]

Ten Minute Goose

The Thornes Park Canada geese are used to passing dogs but still a bit wary of them, timing their morning traipse from the duck pond to the adjacent football field until there’s a break between dog-walkers. ‘Come away!’ says one dog-walker, ‘not everybody likes dogs!’ Well, you’d have to be very anti-dog not to like […]

Sketchy Intervals

I FEEL out of practice with drawing. I’ve spent my spare time this week learning a drawing program, Manga Studio EX4, but that isn’t the same as getting out and drawing for several hours. We’ve had a couple of mornings of appointments/coffee with my mum, which effectively breaks my rhythm especially as, partly as a result, […]