Whitlow Grass

common whitlow grass, Erophila verna

weederophilaSo far I’m struggling to identify this little weed. Possibly common whitlow grass, Erophila verna. As my drawing is is just an inch and a half across, I’ve scanned it at a higher res to show a bit more detail but I’m not drawing it with the aid of a hand lens so my slightly blurred macro photograph is better for showing details of the flowers and seed-pods.


slug on sow-thistlesow-thistle leafsow-thistleWe get several dandelion relatives in the garden. This is smooth sowthistle, Sonchus oleraceus. Note the slug that has already made itself at home in the rosette of leaves.

Sow-thistle stems ooze a milky sap when broken, so the slug must have a way of dealing with this latex.

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