Bracket Fungus

hoof fungs

I’m not sure whether this is the hoof fungusFomes fomentarius, or a Ganoderma bracket fungus. It was growing on a softwood deciduous tree, probably birch, at Dubbs Moss Cumbria Wildlife Trust nature reserve, southwest of Cockermouth.

Hoof fungus, also known as tinder fungus, was once considered to be mainly confined to the Scottish Highlands but it is spreading south.

iPad drawing using Clip Studio Paint.

Hoof Fungus

Hoof fungus or Tinder Bracket,  Fomes fomentarius

HOOF FUNGUS, Fomes fomentarius, is also known as Tinder Bracket because strips were used for starting fires. ‘Ötzi’ the ice man carried four pieces of this fungus with him 5,300 years ago.

Here it is growing near the ground on a Silver Birch at Newmillerdam.