Blackbird catching Newts

Over the past couple of days we’ve seen a female blackbird resting in the middle of the blanket of duckweed that covers most of our pond. She’s not bathing or struggling to get out. This evening I realise what she’s up to. She grabs a newt from just below the water surface in front of […]

Blue Damselflies

2.30 p.m.; Common blue damselflies are mating down by the pond, the blue male clasping the olive female. She rests on the water surface as she carefully lays an egg on a submerged leaf of pondweed then the pair move on to lay the next. There are smooth newts lurking below. One grabs a female and swallows her head […]

Pond-dipping the Movie

WE CAUGHT smooth newts, freshwater leeches and pond snails in one of the ponds at Hassacarr nature reserve, Dunnington Common, near York on this morning’s Wakefield Naturalists Society field meeting. This is only the second occasion on which I’ve tried out the possibilities of underwater movies using my Olympus μ Tough so using the iMovie app […]