Horbury’s Station Clock

station clock

From my diary for Wednesday, 8 September, 1971, Horbury, West Riding of Yorkshire:

On our way back [from visiting grandparents in Nottinghamshire] I noticed that Horbury Station was half demolished. I cycled down and asked them for the clock – they let me have it.

demolition man

Man in charge of demolition (note: in my drawings no-one is wearing a hard hat!):

“Ahh, you like old stuff, do you? We demolished an old place in Leeds with faces and things carved on it. All in stone and they’re just going to put an office block up there. This thing would have stood while the new buildings fell. I had an old watch, a little silver one, from a site in Leeds.”

The clockwork was missing, I soon lost the wooden frame, which was in comb-jointed sections and, if I remember rightly, was painted in a dull turquoise. I suspect my father might have thrown the pieces out. My brother-in-law Dave found me an electric motor, but it drove the hands in reverse. Eventually, on my move away from Horbury, the glass, which I suspect was Victorian float glass, got smashed and I’m afraid that in a clear-out a few years later, I disposed of the clock-face.

There was no maker’s name and the numerals were Roman.

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    1. We kept it for a few years. Today I’d have presented it to Paul Walker; you can never have too many clocks to restore.

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