Drawn at the dog-friendly Lakeside Cafe, Newmillerdam

Harley is the kind of dog, or rather hound, that I’d expect to see in a Breughel painting. If I had a hound like Harley, I’d be regularly pausing to draw him as his wayward curls are the perfect match for my equally wayward drawing.

He’s a labrador/poodle cross whose unusual colouring comes from his chocolate labrador mother and merle poodle dad. Merle refers to the mottled patchwork of his markings. He’s not quite as efficient as a poodle for not shedding hairs but at least they’re not the fine hairs that you’d get from a labrador.

A year old, he would make a good working dog as he can spend the entire day roaming around the Dales without tiring.

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  1. Thanks for capturing Harley so perfectly and introducing us to your blog!! Really enjoying the read and the drawings.

    1. Thank you for tracking it down. Very occasionally drawings appear which haven’t been drawn from a cafe table!

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