November Woods

View from Blacker Hall

I always go for the table by the French windows when we call for coffee, and in my case a date scone, at Blacker Hall Farm Shop cafe. The original of this sketch is 2.5 inches, 6 cm, across.

Newmillerdam woods

A few weeks ago we were commenting on how few goosanders we were seeing at Newmillerdam, but today there are twenty or thirty in loose groups scattered across the open water and the reedy narrow section.


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  1. What a lovely spot there. Glad to hear there are a lot of goosanders at the moment.. lovely sketch and atmospheric photo. Thank you for your posts. They are positive and show all the beautiful minutiae of nature.

    1. I’m taking my opportunities when the light is so good because every week there are more leaves on the ground and fewer on the trees, but it will still have a stark sort of beauty when the trees are bare.

  2. After seeing your post and your comments, along with Jane Powell’s, I had to look up Goosanders and Newmillerdam. I don’t know the duck and it was fun to see. I am glad they are still there. So it was that I spent a lovely morning with a lot of photos and your sketch. And then LAKES BREAK opened up for me during my exploratory “walk.” and I got a double post. Feel as if I had been there and will now finish my trip with a nice hot cuppa Earl Grey. Thank you, Richard.

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