Newmillerdam woods

On our walk around Newmillerdam Lake this morning, it’s good to see the sun  breaking through after so many gloomy, misty November days, especially as we get a brief glimpse of two kingfishers flying along the edge of the lake, apparently engaged in a bit of a dogfight, one swooping at the other. One (or possibly both of them, it all happens so quickly) heads out across the lake to the far side, where the drain enters the lake. We’re told that the drain is the place that you’re most likely to see them.

I see the sapphire blue on one of the bird’s backs and Barbara also spots the orange of its breast as it flies by.

Ducks and Drakes


A month from today – Boxing Day – the days will be getting longer. Drake mallards are already cruising around in noisy groups, displaying to females but they won’t start nesting until March.


One of the coots on the lake was cruising along calling – a sound which reminds me of a hooter on a child’s pedal car.


From our table in the cafe at Blacker Hall Farm, I can see the cattle grazing, a powerful-looking bull standing calmly amongst them.

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