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Fungi hand lettering

DalesI’ve been indulging in a bit of hand lettering, going through the opening Word Art chapter of a new free e-book from Apple Education,  Everyone Can Create: Drawing, On iPad. They suggest using Tayasui Sketches School, a free version of the drawing program, which is what I’ve used here.

decorated letterformsThere’s nothing too daunting but if you were to take your time to follow each of the suggested projects you’d have covered a lot of ground and you’d have thought a lot about different approaches to drawing.

The Everyone Can Create series of e-books is aimed at 5 to 18 year olds but it’s equally useful as a refresher course if, like me, you’ve been drawing for decades and you’ve settled into what could be a rather too comfortably familiar way of working. It’s good to get back to basics.

emoticonIf you can draw a smiley face, they suggest, you can make a start with drawing. I added a grey beard to my worried-looking emoticon.

Letterforms are a familiar way to get into drawing too, so they take you step by step through decorated characters, to 3D and inflated bubble lettering.

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Patterns and Lines



As I’m so keen on observational drawing that I tend to forget that a simple line on its own can carry meaning, for instance horizontal lines can evoke calm and jagged lines action. There are a few simple exercises to get you thinking about line, pattern and shape.


patternEveryone Can Create: Drawing, On iPad

Tayasui Sketches School

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