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  1. That little sketch of him watching the thistledown has caught the posture and moment brilliantly. Wonderful quick sketches. Thanks Richard.

    1. Thank you Jane. They’re such a pleasure to draw as they’re so aware of everything that’s going on. Sometimes I like to draw an animals that just stays put – like an Indian rhinoceros, that was one of my favourites at the London Zoo – but it’s also fascinating to study a bit of animal behaviour. Having picking up a little background knowledge helps in interpreting what might be going on and the observation that lemurs live in a matriarchal society was something that came up in the Channel 4 series ‘The Secret Life of the Zoo’ where a new female was introduced to a carefree group of bachelor males on Chester Zoo’s Lemur Island: they knew who was going to be boss!
      Thank you for the Huddersfield Place Names link, I’ll add that to the post.

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