9.45 am, looking east, wind from south-west, 19°C: This altocumulus cloud has formed as a layer, so it is classified as stratiformis. The ripples mean that it’s also undulatus and, finally, because the sun is visible through the cloud, it’s translucidus.

10.30 am: Three-quarters of an hour later the sky has filled with stratocumulus. We don’t get thunderstorms but there are a few rain showers later in the day.

As you might have guessed, my current bedtime reading is Clouds by Eric M. Wilcox.

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  1. That sounds like interesting bedtime reading. I’ll look out for a copy. A really useful tree guide for Australia has been on my list for ages too. I have a couple but it’s not the same as knowing the trees from familiarity I feel. Always lots of interesting things on your blog Richard and I always have a look for your nature drawings.

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