Sketching Shoppers

As we sit in Pizza Express in the White Rose Centre, there’s a constant stream of passers by. As there’s so little time, I start with one man’s head but then add the next man’s body. No, that’s not going to work because everyone has a distinct overall character: Man One wore an anorak, Man Two had a brisker gait and held his head more erect.

If I mix and match, I’m not going get the jizz, as birdwatchers used to call the characteristic impression given by a particular species.

So the remaining four figures are mental snapshots. I follow a figure’s progress across the entrance hall then, only when they vanish from sight, attempt to draw the whole figure.

I add the watercolour twenty or thirty minutes later, after a Leggera Padana pizza, when the Noodler’s ink has dried. I can remember the colours of the coats pretty well but there’s a bit more guess work on the colour of trousers, bags and footwear.

Leggara Padana pizza, only 465 kcals . . . chocolate brownie to finish, er, another 235, then there’s the cappucino . . .

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  1. I love your people sketches. I had to chuckle when you described starting with one person’s head and adding a body from another person. It sounds like a fun exercise in creativity whether it is accurate or not. Anyway, they all ended up with a lot of personality.

    1. It reminds me of a children’s drawing game where you draw the head, fold the paper, and pass it on . . .

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