Scones and Sketches

Lemon & raspberry sponge, Rich & Fancy.

Reviewing my A6 postcard-sized Pink Pig landscape format sketchbook for this winter, you might think that my life has been dominated by a search for the perfect scone. It has, and we’ve got our visits to Nostell timed to coincide with when the scones emerge from the oven, however these freshly-baked scones, were at the Rich & Fancy Cafe on Queen Street, Horbury.

Woman in audience at Wakefield Naturalists’ Society.

But I don’t insist on Bake Off standard cakes to draw; I equally enjoyed drawing the salt and pepper pots and the sauce and vinegar bottles on my brother-in-law’s dining table. These drawings are all larger than they appear in my sketchbook because I like the texture of pen on cartridge paper, which I lose at screen resolution. Drawn with my favourite pen, a Lamy Safari with an extra fine nib filled with brown Noodler’s ink.

I’ve got another Lamy Safari filled with a cartridge of Lamy black ink, which I blotted with a water-brush to get this wash effect on a brooding morning at Charlottes. Again during a coffee and scone break. A pattern is emerging.

View from Charlotte’s in line.

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  1. Richard, we have just spent the most delightful morning together catching up. Most helpful that I am teetering on purchase of a Lamy Vista and I followed back to your excellent nib photos and info.
    I do hope the community will rally with a new generation of Panto, they have a good foundation to build on. I have recently relinquished two positions of leadership and emphasized that I am not leaving the group’s. I am just no longer driving and just want to be another Bozo on the bus.

    Your cast drawings are inspiring as I am about to embark on #oneweek100people2018.

    I drop in and out of reading your blog, but always love the posts that get on Facebook where I spend too much time. But in the past four years I have managed at least one sketch or painting daily and, as Pablo Cassals said *I think I am getting better.*

    Wishing you and Barbara all of the very best, spring is here, (sing coo coo) hugs, Rachel

    1. We feel as if we’ve been having a dreary winter for the last five months. Can’t wait to get into gear, going out with a sketchbook again!

  2. We love your sketches of Richard’s scones and cake…thank you… would we get a print for our coffee shop? Louise (richard’s wife!) Of Rich and Fancy.

    1. Thank you Louise. Richard’s scones and cakes are the real works of art! But I’ll drop in a print of them next time I’m in.

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