Magic Painting

Scanned larger than my sketch which is 6cm x 6cm.

I’m fascinated to see how creative a two-year old can be with a magic painting colouring book, starting by experimenting with dragging, blending and pooling but then opting for a more meticulous approach. This is the Fairy Gardens Magic Painting Book, currently on sale at the National Trust shop.

She’s so absorbed that she completes the book at one sitting. She assigns identities to four fairies winging their way through the herbage:

‘Mummy . . . Daddy . . . Granny and Grandpa’. She adds a beard to Grandpa. I think that purple tutu will really suit him.

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  1. Discovered you via Danny Gregory, although I’m on our side of Atlantic, County Durham not far away, member of Yorkshire urban sketchers but haven’t attended any events, pity they don’t call themselves urban and rural as been to a number of abbeys and castles in Yorkshire. No Durham group yet, do like your blog. Got your Richard Bell’s “Britain”.

    1. Thank you Colin, ‘Britain’ was the ultimate sketchcrawl, it was such an opportunity for me.

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