11.30 a.m.: In the woodland glade of the Menagerie at Nostell one nuthatch is chasing another. There’s an exchange of ‘tickety-tick’ type calls followed by a high-pitched repeated ‘Chuieee’ call.

What I take to be the male bird is posturing, following the female from tree-trunk to the bough of the neighbouring tree.

In subdued winter plumage, the yellow on the breast of a grey wagtail is a good match for the buff colour-wash on the buildings of the stable block that overlook the walled garden.

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  1. I love your sketches of these beautiful birds. I’d love to see nuthatches one day. It’s been great to see so many drawings by you recently Richard. Thank you for sharing them so generously.

    1. Thank you, I thought that I’d try something different with these: pencil and watercolour rather than pen and watercolour. It makes me realise that none of my water brushes are working perfectly, either the water flows too much or too little or the brush doesn’t come to a flexible point. It might be time to experiment with regular brushes.

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