Away Beyond the Chimney Tops

A few sketches from our visits to Barbara’s brother who is currently in the stroke unit in the Brontë Tower, Dewsbury Hospital.

The parlour palm sits in a corner by the piano in the dining room.

11 a.m.: Looking WSW from the Brontë Tower. Mist obscures the moor tops, Castle Hill showing as a misty outline.

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  1. Richard, I live across the world from you in Lafayette, Louisiana. But, somehow, I have ‘connected’ with your artform style of pen and watercolor sketching. Although I am a landscape and nature photographer, I have long wanted to learn to use pen and brush similar to your work. Your blog posts help keep me focused when I happen to stray. Thanks.

    1. Than you Al, those moments that I snatched during hospital visiting time kept my spirits up. I keep my pocket sketchbook in a pouch along with a Uni pin fine line felt tip and a little set of Stablio Trio crayons and I always pop it in my pocket when I set out, so even in situations when I feel it might be going over the top to get out my bijou box of watercolours, I can still manage to do a basic pen and crayon sketch.
      Those triangular Trio crayons are a great idea – they’re less likely to roll away as I work in a cramped corner!

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