Rhododendron Fruit

The fruit of the Rhododendron is a woody capsule which splits to release small seeds which can remain viable in the ground for years.

This fruit had fallen from one of the Rhododendron bushes by the Middle Lake at Nostell Priory.

A Victorian visitor gives us a description of Nostell Park in its Victorian heyday:

“The noble avenue of elms, stretching like giant sentries almost as far as the eye can reach from the house, the green sward dotted here and there with herds of deer ; the waterfall, its silvery cascade gleaming brightly through a network of green ; the lake, with its ripple dancing in the sunlight, and bordered by the rhododendrons, varying in shade from deep red to pale pink and white,—all went to make a collection of pictures it would be difficult to equal.”

Leeds Mercury, 22 June, 1888

Fruits of Rhododendron.


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