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art bags

It so good to be back in my studio and working again. I’ve just e-mailed my latest Wild Yorkshire nature diary off to the Dalesman, so it’s high time that I caught up with this online diary, which provides most of the raw material for my Dalesman articles.

It’s a month since my studio floor was taken up but there’s been a lot of work for me varnishing the new tongued and grooved timber floor and putting back my plan chest, art materials and book stock just as I’d like them (and there’s been even more work setting up our new kitchen in the room below, which is looking great).

The ‘Goldilocks’ Sketchbook

Improvements in my studio include these four Ikea Blecka hooks (above) for my small, medium and large art bags, which are hanging there ready for me to grab when I set off on a small, medium or large adventure, each complete with a selection of art materials and an A6, A5 or a square of the narrow side of A4 (that’s 8 x 8 inches) Pink Pig sketchbook. Like Goldilocks, I tend to feel that the middle sized bag is ‘just right’.

Tough Decision

On the fourth hook my new digital SLR is hanging, plus a camera bag holding my new macro and telephoto lens. It’s an Olympus OM-D E-M10II which has great possibilities for nature photography. I sold my trusty pocket-sized Olympus Tough muji on e-Bay and I’m missing it already but I’m holding off buying the latest Tough to replace it as I want to get thoroughly familiar with my digital SLR.

bamboo pen

The drawing is in bamboo pen using Winsor & Newton black Indian ink. I wouldn’t pack this combination in my art bags as the ink, where it has formed a blotty pool, takes days to dry.

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  1. So glad you’re back in your lovely renovated studio Richard. I’ve been missing Wild Yorkdhire lately. I wish you wonderful adventures on your nature walks.

    1. It’s so good to be back. If having a calm, clear studio helps make you to be creative and productive, I’m going to be on a roll with my work this winter. It might happen!

    1. Glad that you came across it again. I often feel that I’m keeping up to it as much as I’d like to but when I delve back into it, looking for material for my Dalesman articles, I’m quite impressed by how much I’ve managed to do!

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