• Dilophosaurus

When drawing dinosaurs, I get all the reference that I can find together and reconstruct the animal by drawing a rudimentary skeleton and working up a particular pose but wouldn’t it be great if I could set out with my sketchbook and draw the living breathing animal? That would probably be unwise when it comes to the carnosaurs but I had the chance to do the next best thing back in October 1997 when the Carnosaur! exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs was showing at the Yorkshire Museum.

  • Triceratops

Link: The Yorkshire Museum

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  1. Great drawings Richard. You always capture movement beautifully, even in the smallest sketch. I think it makes all the difference.
    I read somewhere recently that T- rex is now believed to have eaten a lot more plant material than previously thought. Not the voracious carnivore we have been led to believe. That is quite a big jump but must be amazing for the paleontologists who make these discoveries.

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