Hot Day

large skipperIt’s the first day for over two weeks that we haven’t made the 10,000 paces target that Barbara has set herself on her FitBit. We’re hoping for thunderstorm to freshen things up. Even here in the studio with a through draught it’s got to 80 Fahrenheit.

To prevent the tomato plants flagging I’ve been damping down in the greenhouse. 

small skipper
small skipper

wood pigeonTwo skippers are settling on plants in the pond. On a day like this I guess that even butterflies need a drink. A wood pigeon comes down to the shallow end of the pond taking advantage of the access that I’ve made by cutting back the vegetation.

ant winged antThe ants on the patio are still active but the flying ants are appearing only in dribs and drabs.

dunnockA dunnock perches with a beak-full of insects on the beech hedge. I think that it must have a nest in there.

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