Bass Rock

  • Bass Rock

I go for the seat at the edge of the boat on our seabird cruise around the Bass Rock because I want to try out my new telephoto lens but as the catamaran picks up speed on the way there I have to hastily put my non-waterproof Olympus OM-D E-M10II under my coat and revert to the Olympus Tough, but all the sea birds were photographed with the Olympus, with its 40-150mm zoom lens.

Trying to catch gannets in flight was tricky with the limited field of view that you get with a telephoto especially as the boat was bobbing up and down but by cropping in to some of the photographs I’ve been able to get a few close ups. The built in five-way image stabilisation has worked well, even in these challenging conditions.

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    1. I did a lot better than I did on my first visit to the Bass Rock, twenty years ago, when we actually landed. I thought this is great, I’m squeezing so many photographs onto this 36 exposure slide film and it was only when I’d got back on the boat that I realised that the film hadn’t been winding on! I went back a year later but took my sketchbook. Much more reliable!

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