Ruby Giant

South Ossett roof.

crocus ruby giant
Ruby Giant Crocus

The mixed pack of Wildlife Haven bulbs that we put in a shady, clayey north-east facing bed at the front of the house last autumn are doing well. I’ll put some more elsewhere in the garden next autumn.

The crocuses Cream Beauty and Ruby Giant are in flower but not open on this cool afternoon (39ºF, 4ºC).

Winter aconite
Winter aconite

Winter aconites are starting to show and we’re curious to see the aliums and the eranthis also included in this selection.

front garden, South Ossettbulb packdaffodilsI prefer the miniature daffodils to the full size version in this bed. The clumps of large daffodils usually end up sprawling over the path, weighed down after rain.

Link: Verve and Blooma who produced the collection of Wildlife Haven bulbs for pollinators (which were stocked at B&Q last autumn)

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