Weeds in a Square Metre

Using Roger Phillips’ Weeds, a photographic guide to identify garden and field weeds, I’ve identified a dozen species springing up on the raised veg bed at the end of the garden. Forget-me-not and bush vetch didn’t get included in my short YouTube video.

Look out for the guest appearance by a tiny slug, ready and waiting for us to plant some tender juicy seedlings.

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  1. Love this quiet study of the often ignored weeds of the garden. The first plants to come up every year!

    1. Ours are 100% organically grown. I still need to pin down that thale cress . . . or whitlow grass. Great names for what we might otherwise dismiss as generic weeds.

      1. I spent one spring trying to learn the local wildflowers and was astonished at how hard it was to identify things. There’s so much more variety in nature than in the field guides.

    1. Of course! There are those rosette sketches but, before I weed out that bed, I’d like to pot one or two up and draw them close up in the studio.

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