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silk glove

ash in pen

2.25 p.m., 43ºF, 8ºC, still and sunny: I spotted this ash stump growing on an old stone embankment wall when we visited the Go Outdoors store, Middlestown, yesterday. I’d gone looking for grippy gloves because the welt on the fingerless mittens that I’ve been using gets uncomfortable if you’re drawing for a while. My knuckles have been getting red and raw, drawing when it’s close to freezing.

I found the various gloves with gripper pads a bit cumbersome but we spotted some in pure silk which aren’t the warmest available as they’re mainly intended as lining gloves but they’re better than having exposed fingers. It’s easy to grip pen, water-brush and paintbox.

I found myself rushing to complete my drawing of Caphouse Beck yesterday so, today, when I sketch the rabbit which suddenly runs up the grassy bank and check my watch to record the time, I decide that I should allow myself more time so I’ll return tomorrow to finish off and add colour.ash sketch


Mitten (acrylic)


Trekmates silk glove



Go Outdoors

Trekmates silk lining gloves

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    1. Thank you Kristen, I’ve just been looking at that drawing and it was drawn with my broad-nibbed Lamy so it must be the Noodler’s black, rather than the black/brown mix that I’ve been using in the fine-nibbed pen.

      1. Thanks! I have the exact same bright yellow Lamy, but with an EF nib.
        Your sketches make me miss Yorkshire – I’m from Liverpool originally and now live in Texas, but my brother lived in Leeds for several years, so spent visits to him taking in the surrounding countryside.

        1. Leeds is enjoying a bit of a revival at the moment so there’s a bit of a buzz about the place but it also means that some of the marginal unofficial countryside, such as old railway sidings is getting hundreds of new homes built on it. This can cause problems with my walks books! But part of the fun of the Rhubarb Triangle areas is getting out to find those surprising patches of wilderness that survive. I’m using wilderness in the sense that I can feel a quality of wilderness in moss-covered rubble, flooded fields and tumbling willows.

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