Mountain Vue

mountain tutorialBack in mountain country and that lone plum tree looks familiar as I’m on a return visit to the first tutorial in Create 3D Like a Superhero; Chipp Walters’ introduction to the landscape design program Vue.

This is as far as I got with the high res render of the scene.
This is as far as I got with the high res render of the scene.

With tree, foreground and mountain in place, I try a full-screen test render. After half an hour my computer estimates that it will take another 27 hours to complete the image! Luckily smaller images take just a few minutes to process. If I ever need a larger image, I’ll leave it rendering overnight.

The clear blue sky is the default atmosphere but you can load alternatives, such as a ‘Lead & Gold’ sunset.

lead and gold sunsetChipp Walters points out that awkward transitions between objects can create an unreal point of focus in the landscape, so I experiment by introducing a cloud, which I scale down and drop into the valley to try and give the effect of rising mist. It looks more like a giant sheep.

I really don’t know clouds at all. But I’ll only learn by playing around with the program.


Links: Cornucopia 3D where you can download a full version of Vue Pioneer (the only limitation is that it stamps ‘Created in Vue’ on every render)

Chipp Walters’ blog

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