Treacle Tins

treacle and syrup tinsThe red and gold Macfie’s Old-Fashioned Black Treacle tin has been sitting on one or other of my shelves since about 1975, and I’m sure that the Lyle’s Golden Syrup tin must have been their almost as long as neither of them have a barcode on them.

Drawing them reminds me that I must at some stage go through my pens and weed out any that have dried up. At least they give me something to draw.

I tend to have favourites which I use all the time, then there are experimental pens that I’m keen to try out which don’t quite make the grade and get relegated to treacle tins.

Once again this drawing is with my new pen – definitely a favourite – my Lamy AL-star fountain pen with the Noodler’s black ink (I’m sure that I must have inadvertently picked up my Lamy Safari, loaded with Noodler’s brown yesterday,which is just as good to use but I’m going to need black for my Waterton comic strip).

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  1. Would that Macfie’s can have the notation around on the bottom Tate & Lyle or is it an original Macfie can with shier own logo on it , I have managed to obtain an empty Macfie treacle can , but it is one that was produced by Tate & Lyle and I was trying to find one produced before Tate & Lyle bought the Macfie brand

    1. Unfortunately mine is from Tate & Lyle Refineries Limited, Liverpool. On a pre-barcode Golden Syrup tin the address is 21 Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7QY, then on the 125th anniversary tin they’re at Box 5050, Notts.

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