House Martins

Train to Yorkhouse martinsJust back from Africa, the first house martin appeared today,
swooping up to the apex of the gable end of a house across the road. We’re setting off for our first little break since my mum passed away, heading off for a couple of nights in Scarborough. 

Country near Maltonhill near MaltonThere are drifts of wood anemones in the woods as the train approach Malton and, along the woodland edge, the fresh green of dogs mercury.

hareA hare lollops across an open field in the Vale of Pickering.

gorseSandy hillocks on the approach to Scarborough are yellow with gorse.

trawlerHaze obscures the horizon so this trawler looms just beyond the entrance to the harbour as if its free of the laws of perspective, like a boat on a diorama.

alexandersIts cool down by the Spa but on the south-facing slope below the castle, where I draw alexanders, we’re bathed in Mediterranean heat.

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