Town End Farm Shop

View from Town End Farm shop cafeTown End Farm Shop, Airton, Malhamdale, 12 noon; Looking north north-west, over pastures, drystone walls, an ash wood and a field barn.

A flock of fifty to a hundred gulls sits on a low-lying pasture by a bend in the headwaters of the River Aire. A few crows head off up the valley with more purpose than the drifting gulls.

Link; Town End Farm Shop

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    1. Yes, that’s my main thing Sousca. And drawing a view of Malhamdale while waiting for my coffee and toasted teacake is pretty much my ideal modus operandi.

  1. Beautiful drawings, what a wonderful talent. I am Yorkshireman living in Oxfordshire, I really miss the moors, the dales and the North Yorkshire coast.

    1. Oxfordshire looked pretty impressive on the Big Painting Challenge on Sunday but I agree that it’s no substitute for grim moors and a windswept walk along Marine Drive at Scarborough.

  2. I look back about forty years, when I would drive along the A170, taking in the notorious Sutton Bank, then over the moors past the beautiful Hole of Horcum, and camp with my children on a farm near Goathland. We used to scramble over rocks to have our morning ablutions in the river (I think it was close to the Mallyan Spout). Instead of the farmer charging for us camping, we would help with the harvest – Happy days.

    1. That part of the world has kept its good looks although I don’t think the camping would be such a bargain these days but as a compensation you would be able to take a hot shower in the morning!

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