Notton Bridge

  • Railside path, Notton Bridge, near Royston

At Notton Bridge the Trans Pennine Trail passes the Chevet branch line, itself now a traffic-free cycle route and, in part, a nature reserve.

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  1. Your railside path looks quite inviting! I’ve been enjoying your photos almost as much as your sketches (I’m a sketcher myself).

    1. Yes, what a contrast to the farm land adjacent to it. The lone tree probably marks a past hedge line but now its surrounded by acres of winter wheat.
      I’m on the last day of my black and white challenge and I feel I’ve learnt something by limiting myself. Perhaps I’ll be more aware of tone. I love pen and ink and watercolour, so line and colour is what I go for and tone gets relegated to third place. Perhaps that will all change! (I doubt it, I’ll soon slip back into my comfort zone).

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