Drawn by Hand


albumLooking back on the black and white album that I put together for a Facebook challenge, I’m surprised how much I managed to do over a 5 day period, just setting myself the achievable goal of posting five black and white photographs a day.

My thanks to John Welding for suggesting the challenge. It came just at the right time and got Barbara and I out and looking at things in a different way. The weather wasn’t sparkling but the couple of days since have been even more damp and dismal.

‘November seems ideal for black and white.’ says John, ‘Grey, misty. Tonal.’

Yes, I always think of warm autumn colours but colour is so seductive that I neglect the tonal values that could give an image some structure.

handI’d like to try a similar thing with short sessions focussed on taking shots of animals or making widescreen movies about a particular place. It’s made me dig out the manual for my FujiFilm FinePix S6800 bridge camera.

But it’s back to pen and ink and watercolours and writing now, including these two hands drawn in waiting rooms yesterday.

‘You’re passing the time by doodling!’ quipped a passing physio.

Doodling? Hmm!


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  1. Dear, Richard, I couldn’t explain how happy I am to find your works of art today. Thank you for everything you are doing. Cristy

    1. Thank you Cristy. I like the Thoreau quote you included in your Vie du Province blog; “THE GREATER PART OF THE PHENOMENA OF NATURE…ARE CONCEALED FROM US ALL OUR LIVES. THERE IS JUST AS MUCH BEAUTY VISIBLE TO US IN THE LANDSCAPE AS WE ARE PREPARED TO APPRECIATE, AND NOT A GRAIN MORE…. A MAN SEES ONLY WHAT CONCERNS HIM.” I’ve ready so many great quotes from Thoreau but I’ve yet to settle down and read ‘Walden’, or anything else he wrote.

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