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leeks mossy lawnWe’ve got an impressive crop of leeks but some are going to seed and there’s mildew on the leaves. Time to make some soup and bag some ready-prepared in the freezer.

tomatoThe back lawn is more moss than grass down by the pond and the pond itself has been in need of clearing of duckweed since the summer.

Come to think of it, every bit of the garden needs a clear-out for the winter, including the greenhouse, where a few ripe tomatoes still hang on the vines.

catThe big black and white tomcat swaggers through the meadow. A new addition to his territory is a bonfire night rocket. Not quite as impressive as landing a probe on a comet.

Welsh Poppywelsh poppy

Welsh poppy seedheadwelshpoppy3Mid-November and there’s still a lot in flower and a lot of spring flowering shrubs and flowers appearing early.

Most poppies have seedheads that resemble pepper pots; the Welsh poppy has slots. They remind me of Gaudi’s cathedral towers.

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