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colour workshopIT SEEMS such a simple thing to do a drawing, scan it same size and print it in a book but mysterious things happen in the process – such as a bright blue line suddenly turning to indigo as it goes from screen to paper.

Before conversion to CMYK . . .
Before conversion to CMYK . . .
. . . and after.
. . . and after.

I’m reading Louis Benjamin’s Photoshop CS5 in Simple Steps to get to know more about the process. But reading isn’t enough for me, I need to go through some of the processes to take them on board but then, if I don’t happen to need to use a particular technique for a while, it can slip from my mind.

Online Notebook

colour profile

I’ve tried making notes as I go but they end up on scraps of paper or in various notebooks so today I’ve started an online notebook.

I won’t need to go rootling through a draw to refresh my memory. My experiments and notes will be beautifully organised in a mini-website. Well that’s the theory.

Link: Colour Profiles, my experiments in Photoshop.

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  1. Happy New Year, Richard. Love the Holly Green Sketchbook. Just wanted to share with you a color correction method for images that really helped me. Refer to a PDF online called Eddie Tapp 90% Method for Color Correction Basics. I use the MacBeth Color Checker chart from this PDF for my baseline #1 and #2 (which on my equipment is 149 and 43). I wrote Eddie after discovering this and thanked him–and he wrote me back! I work in CS5 and scan at 48 bits in the bitmap format and revert to jpeg for uploading to my blog. This has worked 100% for me, except with off-site scanners that are scanning the image as extremely under or over exposed. You need a solid reading at both white and black ends of the scale. This is quick and easy. Hope it works for you! Love the new, clean format, too, btw!

    1. Thank you Sharon, happy new year to you. I’ve printed that out and I’ll give it try. It looks as if it will work well.
      I think it’s the Steve Jobs philosophy of less is more that’s been getting to me since I went over to Mac, but I’ve often been mystified by the Mac way of hiding things away so I hope my navigation isn’t too cryptically camouflaged.

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