November Woods

Newmillerdam woodsNewmillerdam country park, 9.30 a.m., LIGHTING CHANGES so quickly. In the minute or two that it took to take out my camera, a bank of clouds had risen, dulling the dappled autumnal sidelighting of the path.

By that time the couple with the dog who I thought would add scale to the picture had disappeared so far into the perspective that they look more like Borrowers than hobbits in my picture.

The peacocks at Charlotte’s ice cream parlour, Whitley, have moulted their long tail feathers and are now starting to regrow them. As you can see these are tail-coverts; the stiff tail feathers themselves come down below the rail.

This effect is exaggerated because the only way that I had to steady my camera was to rest it on my knee. The low angle flattens the path which, if I’d been able to take the photograph from eye level, would have led the eye into the composition.


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