Wood Chip Paths

WE WERE busy over the bank holiday weekend. Going through the process of shovelling and sieving again and again I thought that it would be good practice for me to make a little step by step YouTube video.

It took about ten goes for me to record a commentary that sounded reasonably coherent!

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  1. A very commendable effort. This little vignette was reminiscent of a segment from Geoffrey Smith gardening programme, even down to the voice. I too have difficulty with adding and audio commentary to a video, I think it is something to do with hearing my own voice, it never sounds quite right.

    1. It’s only after you’ve tried doing the simplest of commentaries that you realise how skilled television presenters are. They make it look so easy.
      I was once asked to review a script for a country visitor centre video and one of the phrases was ‘and they got the stone from local quarries’. I wouldn’t even have put that in as it seems too obvious but when ‘Time Team’s Tony Robinson read the script he made it sound as if this was a fascinating and surprising new fact. He kept the rhythm of the piece going and kept you rambling along on a little journey of discovery.

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