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shoe on the beach 1973

Pentax Spotmatic 1000Rummaging through my file drawer for some photographs for an article I was surprised to find that I still have the negatives from a three week course that I took at the Royal College of Art in early spring, 1974 including this old shoe on the strandline taken on a day trip to the south coast.

contact prints

Looking through them brings back vivid memories of that period, for instance, these contact prints from the still life session include long forgotten details of my everyday life; keyring, pens, bus ticket and anorak label.

Read more in my article Just handle a Pentax in the Retro Tech series in the Currys photography blog.

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  1. Hi Richard,
    A very impressive production. I would be interested to know how you achieved the various effects, particularly the film strip pan and zoom effect.
    Best regards,

    1. Thank you Roman,
      That’s one of the themes that you can add to your iMovie project at the click of a mouse. It’s a set of transitions and formatted captions and once you’ve selected your theme you can simply drag and drop your images or video clips into the project but after running it through there’s always a bit of tweaking to do. In fact that’s the fun bit, trying to get the pictures and sound to tell a story (of sorts).
      I’m looking forward to trying more slide shows and iMovie projects using stills, videos and my own sketchbooks.

      1. Thanks Richard, I have not seen iMovie. Have you completely switched to Mac now or do you still use a PC?
        My son, Scott, says that you can’t beat Macs for multimedia work but as I don’t do much beyond basic photograph editing I can’t justify the expense.

        1. We still have the PC because there were one or two programs that we don’t have a Mac alternative for (e.g. Memory Map which I use for planning my walks) but Windows 7 seems rather slow and a bit clumsy when I go back to it after using the iMac. The main problem that I have with the Mac is navigating to where I keep my images – are they in iPhoto? No. Are they in the Pictures file? No. It confuses me almost every time I look for something. This is the downside of the Mac philosophy of making everything user-friendly so you don’t have to worry about little details like directory structure.
          But I’d still recommend it for the creative side of things.

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