Pebble Prominent

pebble prominentAMONGST THE usual suspects – peppered, ‘clay’, footman, heart and dart – rounded up in the moth trap this morning there’s a new and, as a change from all those little brown jobs, a suitably distinctive looking moth. I sketch it several times to take in the appearance of it.

pebble prominentThose swirls at the ends of its forewings remind me of knots in wood. It’s the pebble prominent, Notodonta ziczac, the ‘pebble’ being the light brown area rather than the swirl. It’s a common and widespread moth of mature woodland, hedges and gardens; habitats that Coxley Valley has a plentiful supply of.


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  1. Hi Richard,
    I am enjoying your posts on moths and was thinking of making a moth trap myself. Did you design your trap or did you find a design on the web? I have found a couple of home made moth trap designs on the web but I was wondering if you might like to post your trap design?
    Best regards,

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