I GIVE the lawn a rake with the springbok rake at this time of year to get some of the moss out of it but my new Scarifier, one of this week’s bargains at Lidl supermarket, does a much better job. The lawn is no more than 25 square metres, but I raked up this pile which is almost entirely moss. It amounted to 7 or 8 trug-loads to take to the compost bins.

I’ve got nothing against moss but it has obliterated the grass in places so I’ll need to put some seed down. It should soon germinate and grow at this time of year. Meanwhile the Blackbird is making the most of the newly exposed bare ground, picking up worms or insects.

This scarifier is basically a long-handled rake on wheels with 11 stainless steel blades. The eccentrically attached wheels give an up and down motion to the blades which makes the action a lot easier than it was with springbok. The instructions recommend that you scarify your lawn at this time of year, after you’ve cut it short and in dry weather.

I don’t think that I’ll bother adding any fertiliser but I might sieve some garden compost over the lawn when I scatter the grass seed.

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  1. Hi Richard, going through my bookmarks and I found this site and added it to my guys. 🙂

    Our lawn has suffered many weeds, too many to do anything but mow. Drought for the last 3 yrs, neighbor’s who don’t care for their yards, city life as it is.

    1. A neighbour walking her dog said she didn’t mind moss anyway! I don’t mind moss, it’s springy to walk on but I’d like to see a little more grass. I can’t be alone because on television this evening they were advertising an all in one lawn repair product that grows ‘twice as much grass’.

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