Easter Day

AS YOUNG babies don’t run about you’d think that they’d make ideal subjects for drawing but, as our latest great-niece, Holly, demonstrates, they tend to be constantly active. She was moving her hands continuously in subtle gestures, like a Balinese dancer.

It’s easier, as always, to draw my own hand, because I can keep that still.

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve now filled one of my ArtPens with ArtPen ink and I think this is freer flowing than the Noodler’s ink that I use when I’m adding watercolour, making it ideal for a fluid subject like a baby. And of course I can dab the line with with my water-brush for a wash effect, as I did with my drawing of my hand.

I’d like to draw people more but I’d prefer to draw in some public place like at a street market, rather than at a family gathering.

Later, at my mum’s I draw cushions and newspapers.

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