Towards the End of the Afternoon

I’M AWARE that the predominate colour scheme of my sketchbooks is brown and green, but mainly brownish, whether I’m drawing shells, fossils or assorted birds and animals, so, looking out of the window this afternoon at 4.15, instead of starting with the trees, I started with a patch of blue and instead of starting with my current favourite brown pen, I just started laying on the colour, propping my sketchbook on my glasses’ case so that the watercolour wash ran down the page.

A vapour trail in the east above the wood was illuminated by the near to setting sun while grey clouds were approaching from the south, filling most of my view by the time I finished my second sketch.

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  1. Well, I love your sketches always, Richard. And green and brownish is what is out there– unless, as here, you do a lot of sky. Lovely sky. With our Texas drought, all we have ARE those skies, right now, unless we do monotones of tans and browns and greys and raw sienna. Thanks for the idea of using a glass case as a prop for a sketchbook. Never considered it, but it would be
    just the slant that I would want (I usually sketch with my book flat as one does with sumi-e).


    1. There are no colourful possibilities this afternoon sky is flat grey this afternoon. No shortage of rain here.

      1. Drought has been bad here. No hay in Texas and our daughter had to buy her last hay from way up in Nebraska. So the nearly 2 inches we just got, here, has us really Singing in the Rain!

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