IN MY COFFEE BREAK this morning I watched another You Tube video about animating in Photoshop and here are the results of me trying it out. I’m sure this is going to have a useful end result.

I’d been looking out of the window since this morning thinking that I’d like to do a watercolour of the wood in the mist and later in sunshine but I didn’t manage to get my sketchbook out until 5 pm I’d finished my other work. I dispensed with my usual pen and ink and used 2B pencil for speed. The sharp detail had already disappeared but by sketching quickly rather than drawing carefully, I had time to add some colour, relying one my knowledge where the colours are in my box.

Despite the limitations of this sketch which took little more than five minutes, I still prefer it to my animation!

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    1. The animation palette, once part of Image Ready, is now an integral part of Photoshop, which of course is quite expensive, especially if, like me, you have an old version (I was on 7) because you can’t upgrade from it – you have to buy the full version. However, it’s undeniably value for money if you’re going to use it every day for print, websites . . . and even the odd bit of animation.

  1. I prefer your beautiful paintings and drawings too! I guess there’s as much skill required for both but there’s something so much more thought provoking about an image put down onto paper with pen, ink or other medium and I find it gives me, the viewer, a lot more pleasure.

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