Waxwings in Ossett

Waxwing in rowan, the Market Place, Ossett.

THAT’S HANDY; the town hall clock records the time of day. I’d popped into the travel agent’s on Monday morning and asked for a holiday destination where Barbara and I can go to see wildlife and when I came out, in what seemed like a lucky omen re. our planned trip,

Waxwing with rowan berry

three waxwings flew down into a small tree right in front of me. I had time to get out my little camera and take three photographs. Terrible as wildlife photographs but at least it’s a record. It must be at least 10 years since I saw waxwings.

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  1. I saw my first Waxwing on a walk around Meathop this afternoon. It was alone and was displaying a very pronounced crest.

  2. Glad you caught up with the Waxwing, after you left Horbury they turned up there – I’m not sure exactly where.

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